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A Public Statement

As  Madam Bunny Black and I enter a new chapter with the opening of Dark Haven ATL, we’ve been made aware that old rumors about me (Divine Rae) are resurfacing, as they do at every level of visibility and support I attain. This statement is intended to address these accusations with my truth.


In 2019 I was falsely accused of a consent violation by a former submissive after I released her. While it hurt me to learn about the report, in my unhealed state, I allowed this person back into my life several times after. Our off-and-on vanilla and D/s dynamic was unhealthy for us both and I released the relationship for good in 2021 as I healed the trauma bonds that originally connected us. When this rumor began again, I immediately did mediation with a counselor in the Rope Community, and have since maintained a high level of accountability through community and personal mentorship with my advisor. I am always happy to share factual information directly with relevant parties, including the temporary order of restraint against my accuser, who continues to cyber-stalk and harass me and my partners.


While I am human and flawed, I am in no way an intentionally malicious abuser, and I take these accusations seriously. Though I have made mistakes, as we all do, I simply can not admit to things that aren’t true. This situation has been challenging for me because it’s hard to defend  oneself from fabricated accusations. 


While I truly feel the majority of people want to protect the community, there are a number of people who are harmfully spreading this misinformation and hearsay. The NCSF is accessible to members to verify reports and provide resources. As both individual and organizational members, we have confirmed that I (Divine Rae) am not on the list of high-risk individuals nor do I have any report against me, as is being falsely reported.


I have been on my own journey of BDSM exploration and education, professionally and personally, for over 20 years. During this time I have learned a great deal. A lot of those lessons were about maintaining my personal boundaries, evolving my own vetting and exit protocols, and honoring my commitment to the community, which I continue to do, by creating spaces for exploration. Those who know me, know my heart. Those who don’t, I ask that you not let this cloud your perception of myself or Dark Haven, as these accusations are baseless.


By supporting Dark Haven, you are supporting the growth and evolution of a movement that has always been bigger than me. I am in service to my community, and all who truly know me understand my dedication to spiritual, personal, and professional healing and growth. I have been long committed to evolution through therapy, energy healing, and reflection, and continue to be so, as these things are the foundations of my approach to BDSM. The Dark Haven team and our advisors will continue to help keep an environment of healthy, consensual BDSM alive and thriving. We thank our supporters for being with us on this journey of liberation. 

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