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Mission & Values

Our Mission

At Dark Haven, our mission is to provide a safer environment where creativity, education, exploration, and community belongs to all people.


Our Vision 

To create an inspired and enriched community of knowledge seekers at every level of exploration of Kink and self. 


Our Values

  • Inclusion & Equity - We endeavor to provide a truly inclusive and welcoming space for all people who wish to pursue this lifestyle. Kinksters of every age, ethnicity, physical or neurologic ability, gender, sexual orientation, financial background, level of experience, or identifying role within the lifestyle are welcome to play and explore in our space, and, what’s more, will be met with equitable solutions and empathy.

  • Trust & Integrity - These are the basic building blocks of any community, but are doubly important in this community. Just as our interpersonal relationships cannot thrive without basic trust and integrity, our dungeon can’t either. We endeavor to operate in an honest and transparent manner and embody these principles in all of our dealings, both inside Dark Haven and within the community as a whole.

  • Service - Dark Haven continuously and actively seeks ways to be of service on an individual level but also service to the community at large. We welcome opportunities to build bridges within the community and give back at every chance we’re able.

  • Exploration & Education - We believe that the path to self-mastery and actualization begins with exploration and education. Dark Haven puts education at the forefront of everything we do, endeavoring to teach those who seek to learn and foster a safer and more supportive play environment. We proudly offer our space to a variety of different groups who put an emphasis on educational advancement and encourage personal exploration.

  • Expression - We value that which makes all of us wonderfully unique. The differences in our expressions as people and as kinksters within the lifestyle should be celebrated. We encourage the personal expression of its members, acknowledging that each of them make up a piece of the beautiful mosaic that is Dark Haven.

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