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Donations and Support

Thank you for your interest in donating to Dark Haven and helping with our ongoing fundraising efforts. We cannot exist and serve in our mission to provide a safer, more inclusive space without the ongoing support of our members and the community at large. And that is where you, our lovely donors, come in. If you’re familiar with the space, you’ll know that, since opening, we have been consistently pursuing iterative improvements and beautification for the whole of the space. Your one-time or recurring donations will go directly to improving the space and funding our current and ongoing projects.


  • Grand Hall Pagoda Suspension Rig

  • Inner Haven Suspension Cube

  • Grey Hall Bar Expansion

  • Outdoor Storage Shed

  • Locking Storage Cabinets

  • Smoking Patio Beautification

  • Inner Haven Video Streaming Equipment

  • Lattice Work Gallery Wall

  • Front Window Flower Box Rehab

  • LED Cloud Ceilings in Care Room and Sitting Room


Please consider donating what you’re able to (every little bit helps) by filling in and submitting the form below. If you would rather donate items instead of funds, please visit our Amazon Wishlist for an up-to-date list of things we are in need of. Please comment if you would like your donation applied to a specific project! 

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